We Provide Wealth Disbursement Jewelry Management Insurance Consultation

Wealth Disbursment

It is common practice for people to hand their jewelry down to the next generation. Steve will organize, examine, and repair what is going to be handed down. Steve can also conduct appraisals on individual or groups of items to evenly divide them by value. Redesigning of passed down jewelry to fit the recipients needs (size, style, etc..) is also something Steve specializes in.

Jewelry Management

It's quite common for people to possess jewelry they don't wear and possibly never will. Steven can redesign or trade in pieces you don't wear and even recycle them into something brand new. 

Insurance Consultation

You might consider getting insurance if you possess valuable jewelry. There are many different types of jewelry insurance available, Steve will help you fit the best fit for your unique situation. *Steve is not an insurance agent.


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